Prof. veena joshi | Carbon Fiber Composites | Women Researcher Award

H.N.B.Garhwal University - India

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Veena Joshi embarked on her academic journey with a strong foundation in the field of Chemistry. She obtained her B.Sc. in 1985 followed by an M.Sc. in 1987. Furthering her educational qualifications, she pursued B.Ed. in 1989 and M.Ed. in 1990, enhancing her understanding of educational methodologies. Her academic pursuit culminated in a D.Phil. in 2005, solidifying her expertise in her chosen field.

Professional Endeavors

With a cumulative teaching experience of 34 years and research experience spanning 24 years, Dr. Joshi has dedicated her career to both academia and research. Her teaching tenure has been marked by a commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientists, imparting knowledge in areas such as Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Material Science.

Contributions and Research Focus on Carbon Fiber Composites

Dr. Joshi's research interests lie at the intersection of material modification using Swift Heavy Ions (SHI) and the utilization of plant-based gums for wastewater treatment. Her extensive research contributions encompass diverse topics ranging from synthetic chemistry to environmental radiation studies. Noteworthy projects include the comprehensive study of natural radiation levels in Uttarakhand and modeling radon exhalation in the Himalayan region.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her career, Dr. Veena Joshi has garnered recognition for her exemplary contributions to the field of Chemistry. Her research has been published in reputable journals, with several of her papers receiving citations and high impact factors. Additionally, her involvement in scientific organizations such as the Indian Science Congress Association and the Indian Chemical Society reflects her standing within the scientific community.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Joshi's work has had a significant impact on both academia and society. Her research in environmental chemistry and radiation studies has contributed to a deeper understanding of natural phenomena and their implications for human health. Furthermore, her active involvement in administrative roles underscores her leadership abilities and commitment to fostering a conducive academic environment.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Head of Department and a seasoned researcher, Dr. Veena Joshi continues to leave a lasting legacy in the field of Chemistry. Her dedication to education, prolific research output, and leadership skills serve as inspiration for future generations of scientists. Moving forward, she aims to further expand her research horizons, addressing pressing environmental challenges and making meaningful contributions to scientific knowledge.


veena joshi | Carbon Fiber Composites | Women Researcher Award

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