Prof. Hsiu-Wen Chien | Bio-inspired Composites | Best Researcher Award

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology - Taiwan

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Associate Professor Hsiu-Wen Chien's academic journey began with a robust foundation in chemical engineering, obtaining both her B.S. (2006) and Ph.D. (2012) from prestigious institutions in Taiwan. Her doctoral studies at National Taiwan University, under the guidance of Prof. Wei-Bor Tsai, focused on pioneering research in chemical engineering, setting the stage for a career marked by innovation and scholarly excellence. Her time as a visiting student at the University of Washington under Prof. Shaoyi Jiang further honed her research skills and expanded her academic horizons, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches and international collaboration.

Professional Endeavors

Her Ph.D., Dr. Chien transitioned to a postdoctoral position at her alma mater where she continued her research in chemical engineering. Her career took a significant turn towards industry when she joined Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (Foxconn) in 2014 as a Senior Engineer. Here, she was part of the Global R&D team, where she leveraged her academic expertise to address real-world engineering challenges. In 2018, Dr. Chien returned to academia as an Assistant Professor at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, eventually rising to the rank of Associate Professor. This role allowed her to mold the next generation of engineers while continuing her research.

Contributions and Research Focus on Bio-inspired Composites

Dr. Chien's research is primarily centered around interface science, particularly in antibacterial surface modifications and anti-fouling technologies. Her work in marine biomimetic materials and biopolymers aims to develop new materials that are environmentally friendly and economically viable. Her innovative work in soft materials and composites further showcases her commitment to advancing the field of chemical engineering. Dr. Chien’s research not only contributes to academic knowledge but also offers practical solutions to pressing problems like bacterial resistance and biofouling in marine environments.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her career, Dr. Chien has been recognized for her contributions to chemical and materials engineering. Although specific awards and honors are not listed, her progression from a postdoctoral researcher to a senior engineer, and finally, to an associate professorship at a notable technical university, underscores her esteemed standing in the academic and professional communities.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Chien's work significantly impacts both the academic world and the industry. By bridging the gap between theoretical research and practical applications, she contributes to the development of technologies that are both innovative and applicable in real-world settings. Her efforts in educating future engineers ensure that her knowledge and experience are passed on, influencing the field of chemical engineering for years to come.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking to the future, Associate Professor Hsiu-Wen Chien is poised to continue her impactful research and teaching. Her ongoing projects and future endeavors will likely focus on expanding the applications of her research in antibacterial and anti-fouling technologies to broader industries, including healthcare and marine engineering. Her commitment to sustainability and innovation will drive her to keep contributing to the development of materials that benefit society and the environment. Dr. Chien's legacy, marked by a dedication to excellence in research and education, will inspire future generations of engineers and researchers to pursue excellence and innovation in their own careers.


Hsiu-Wen Chien | Bio-inspired Composites | Best Researcher Award

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