Assist Prof Dr. Mahvish Fatima | Qassim university | Saudi Arabia

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Mahvish Fatima's academic journey began with a strong foundation in Physics at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, where she pursued her M.Sc., M.Phil., and ultimately her Ph.D. in Biomedical Physics. Her educational trajectory laid the groundwork for her multifaceted expertise in various scientific disciplines.

Professional Endeavors

Dr. Fatima has carved an impressive career path, notably serving as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Qassim University in Saudi Arabia. Her tenure in academia has been marked by a prolific research portfolio and substantial contributions to the field of Biomedical Physics.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Fatima's contributions are multidimensional, spanning various scientific domains. Her notable research in characterizing brain tumors using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy stands as a significant milestone, offering potential insights into non-invasive diagnostic approaches. Additionally, her work in dose calculations for Brachytherapy with diverse radioactive sources holds promise for refining therapeutic methodologies.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Fatima's work has been recognized and acknowledged through numerous publications in reputable scientific journals. Her contributions have been pivotal in advancing the understanding and applications of various materials and methodologies in the field of physics, particularly in biomedical contexts.

Impact and Influence

Her research has made a significant impact, evident from the wide array of publications and collaborations, showcasing the depth and breadth of her expertise. Dr. Fatima's work in understanding the characteristics of materials and their applications in medical contexts has likely influenced the scientific community, providing insights that contribute to advancements in diagnostics, treatment, and materials science.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Dr. Fatima's legacy lies in her dedication to interdisciplinary research, bridging the gap between physics and biomedical applications. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation sets the stage for future breakthroughs in cancer treatment methodologies, nanomaterial synthesis, and medical diagnostics.


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Notable Publications:

Mahvish Fatima | Composite Materials Science | Women Researcher Award

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