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Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Eng. Mega Mutiara Sari's academic journey began with a Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering at Universitas Diponegoro. During this period, she delved into diverse subjects such as solid waste management, water treatment, and environmental impact assessment, culminating in a well-researched thesis on an Integrated Garbage Handling System for a coastal tourist area. Her commitment to environmental sciences continued with a Master's at the same institution, focusing on river water quality analysis in relation to traditional gold mining, showcasing her early dedication to understanding and mitigating environmental impacts.

Professional Endeavors

Her career trajectory encompasses notable research roles and academic pursuits. Her tenure as a Research Student at Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan, specializing in Mercury analysis in water environments, laid the groundwork for her later contributions. Her involvement in various projects, including the Environmental Science Master's degree and subsequent doctoral studies, signifies her continuous commitment to advancing knowledge in environmental science, policy, and pollution management.

Contributions and Research Focus

Mega's research endeavors have been diverse and impactful, ranging from river water quality assessment in gold mining areas to waste management strategies for hazardous materials like mercury and B3 waste. Her extensive involvement in publications and copyrighted works reflects a dedication to spreading awareness and educating others on environmental issues through accessible mediums like books and multimedia productions. Her contributions to prestigious international journals as a reviewer further solidify her role in shaping the discourse around environmental science.

Accolades and Recognition

Her academic excellence, marked by scholarships like the Indonesian Government Scholarship and the Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho: MEXT), as well as awards for abstract evaluations and keynote speaking engagements, underscores the recognition of her contributions within the academic community. Mega's expertise has been acknowledged by various institutions, evident in her involvement in esteemed research programs and projects focused on marine plastic waste management and waste-to-energy initiatives.

Impact and Influence

Mega Mutiara Sari's impact extends beyond academia. Her involvement in projects like the ADLIGHT and UNDP Project, along with her role as an expert in Waste Management for Mercury Lightning under the Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, highlights her tangible contributions to practical, real-world solutions addressing environmental challenges.

Legacy and Future Contributions

With a legacy built on rigorous academic pursuits, impactful research, and active involvement in addressing pressing environmental concerns, Mega's future contributions are poised to continue shaping policies, strategies, and scientific advancements in environmental science and waste management. Her commitment to educating and engaging communities, as seen in her copyrighted works and community service programs, hints at a legacy of sustainable environmental practices for generations to come.


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Notable Publications:

Mega Mutiara Sari | Sustainability and Recycling of FRPs | Best Researcher Award

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