Assoc Prof Dr. Imran Murtaza | Organic Electronics | Best Researcher Award

International Islamic University Islamabad-Pakistan

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Imran Murtaza's academic journey began with a keen interest in physics, which led him to pursue a Bachelor's degree in the subject. His passion for research and learning propelled him to further his studies, culminating in a Ph.D. in Applied Physics. During his doctoral studies, he focused on the fabrication and electrical characterization of organic semiconductor Phthalocyanine-Based Electronic Devices, showcasing his early commitment to cutting-edge research in the field.

Professional Endeavors

He professional journey is marked by diverse experiences in academia and research. From his early roles as a Senior Teacher to his tenure as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in leading research institutions in China, Canada, and Pakistan, he has consistently demonstrated his expertise in applied physics, particularly in the realm of organic electronics. His roles as Assistant and Associate Professor at the International Islamic University underscore his dedication to teaching and mentoring students while actively engaging in groundbreaking research endeavors.

Contributions and Research Focus on Organic Electronics

His research contributions revolve around the exploration of advanced energy harvesters, energy storage devices, and flexible organic transistors for environmental sensing applications. His pioneering work in developing stretchable polymer-based supercapacitors and graphene composite solid-state electrolytes for lithium batteries highlights his commitment to innovation in renewable energy technologies. Additionally, his investigations into flexible organic transistor-based chemical and temperature bimodal sensors have significantly contributed to the field of environmental pollution monitoring.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Murtaza's contributions to the field of applied physics have been widely recognized through numerous accolades and research grants. Notably, he was awarded the Early Career Research Award by the Science and Engineering Research Board, DST, for his outstanding contributions to the field. His funded research projects, including those supported by prestigious organizations like the British Council UK, HEC Pakistan, and the Government of Guangdong Province, China, underscore the significance of his research endeavors.

Impact and Influence

His research has had a profound impact on the scientific community, evident through his extensive publication record in high-impact journals and his active involvement in international conferences and workshops. His collaborative efforts with researchers from diverse backgrounds have fostered interdisciplinary research collaborations, further amplifying the reach and significance of his work.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Dr. Murtaza continues to advance the frontiers of applied physics and organic electronics, his legacy as a pioneering researcher and educator grows stronger. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, he is poised to make continued contributions to the field, shaping the future of renewable energy technologies and environmental sensing applications. His mentorship and leadership in academia serve as inspiration for the next generation of scientists and researchers, ensuring a lasting impact on the advancement of science and technology.


Imran Murtaza | Organic Electronics | Best Researcher Award

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