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Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Sherien Nabil El-Kateb's academic journey in Textile Engineering began with a Bachelor's degree in 2001, followed by a Master's degree in 2004, both from Brigham Young University. She furthered her academic achievements by earning a Ph.D. in Textile Engineering in 2009. Her early research focused on areas such as the prediction of fabric shrinkage and online detection of knitted fabric defects.

Professional Endeavors

Sherien has progressively climbed the academic ranks, currently holding the position of Professor of Quality Control in the Textile Department at Alexandria University, Egypt. With roles ranging from Demonstrator to Assistant Professor and eventually Associate Professor, her career at Alexandria University has been marked by consistent dedication to the field of Textile Engineering.

Contributions and Research Focus

Sherien's research portfolio reflects a comprehensive exploration of topics within Textile Engineering. Her early work involved predicting fabric properties like shrinkage and defect detection. Subsequently, her Ph.D. focused on the implementation of the Six Sigma system on knitted garments, showcasing an integration of quality management methodologies into textile manufacturing processes.

Accolades and Recognition

Her commitment to quality and continuous improvement is evident in her certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt in 2007 and later obtaining Lean Six Sigma certification. She expanded her expertise by becoming certified in Gerber Accumark, Lean Six Sigma from Cardiff Met University, and training in Smart Textiles and SolidWorks.

Impact and Influence

Her influence extends beyond her academic role. She has actively contributed to various international conferences, presenting research findings on topics such as the application of Lean Strategy in the layout of knitted garment industries and the reduction of waste in the garment industry. Her research projects, particularly in the real-time data monitoring system of textile manufacturing processes, demonstrate a commitment to advancing the industry.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Sherien's legacy is marked by a rich tapestry of academic achievements, training certifications, and impactful research. As a supervisor of Ph.D. and MSc students, a reviewer for international journals, and a trainer in Gerber software and Lean Six Sigma, she continues to shape the future of Textile Engineering. Her recent work in IoT-based predictive maintenance and online monitoring systems for knitting machines underscores her commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies into traditional textile processes, paving the way for a future of innovation in the industry.


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Sherien Elkateb | Artificial Intelligence and IOT | Best Researcher Award

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