Dr King Jye Wong | Best Researcher Award Winner 2023

King Jye Wong: Cohesive Zone Modeling

Academician/Research Scholar, Associate Professor, Curtin University Malaysia-Malaysia.

Congratulations to King Jye Wong on receiving the prestigious Best Researcher Award at the International Research Awards on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer! Your pioneering work in Cohesive Zone Modeling has been a true game-changer in the field. Here's to your dedication, innovation, and outstanding contributions to advancing our understanding of fiber-reinforced polymers. Well-deserved accolades for your remarkable achievements!

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

King Jye Wong’s academic journey began with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from Multimedia University. He furthered his studies with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and obtained his PhD in Mechanics from Institut Supérieur de l'Automobile et des Transports in France. His expertise evolved across mechanical engineering domains, especially focusing on engineering materials durability, adhesive joints, and computational solid mechanics.

Professional Endeavors

Wong's professional career spans over a decade, showcasing his commitment to academia. He served as a Lecturer at Multimedia University, progressed to a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and currently holds the position of Associate Professor at Curtin University Malaysia. His roles encompass lecturing, project supervision, research, and administrative responsibilities across various engineering disciplines.

Contributions and Research Focus

His contributions to academia and research are prolific, evident from a substantial number of publications, memberships in professional bodies, editorial board roles, and extensive involvement in conferences and symposiums. Wong's research focuses on delamination in composite materials, moisture absorption characteristics, and mechanical behavior of various materials under different conditions. He's secured numerous research grants and has been involved in significant consultancy projects.

Accolades and Recognition

Wong's dedication and excellence have been recognized through several awards, including Service Excellence Certificates, Best Oral Presentation awards, Young Researcher Awards, and Scholarships. His commitment to teaching and learning is highlighted by grants focused on improving pedagogical approaches.

Impact and Influence

His influence extends beyond academia, with Wong actively contributing to professional bodies, editing books, and serving on editorial boards. Additionally, his consultations with industry players demonstrate the practical applicability of his research, potentially impacting industrial practices and material development.

Legacy and Future Contributions

King Jye Wong’s legacy lies in his extensive research contributions, mentorship of students and staff, and active involvement in academic and professional spheres. His ongoing commitment to expanding knowledge in engineering materials and mechanics bodes well for future advancements in these fields

Notable Publications:


                   Citations     1304        931
                    h-index           17          17
                   i10-index         28          25
International Research Awards on Fiberreinforced Polymer | Award Winner 2023

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