Mr. Ahsan Habib | Polymer Recycling | Best Researcher Award

Bangladesh University of textiles - Bangladesh

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Ahsan Habib, a Textile Engineering Management postgraduate from Bangladesh, embarked on his academic journey at Bangladesh University of Textiles, earning a B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Textile Management) in 2014. His undergraduate studies were comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects from Yarn Manufacturing to International Marketing, which laid a solid foundation for his advanced studies in textile engineering and management. Habib further advanced his expertise by pursuing a Master of Science in Textile Engineering with a focus on management at the same university. His thesis, "Effect of Efficient Production Planning on Productivity in the Garments Industry of Bangladesh," underscores his commitment to enhancing production efficiencies in the textile sector.

Professional Endeavors

Habib's professional journey began shortly after his undergraduate studies, starting as a Production Officer at JM Fabrics Ltd., where he honed his skills in production planning and operational management. Progressing to a Senior Executive at Masco Industries Ltd., he monitored production progress, ensured material organization, and tackled operational challenges swiftly. His academic career took a significant turn when he joined Bangladesh University of Textiles as a Lecturer in 2017 and later ascended to the role of Assistant Professor in 2019. In this capacity, he has not only imparted knowledge but has also guided numerous students in their thesis work, emphasizing personal development and academic excellence.

Contributions and Research Focus on Polymer Recycling

Habib’s research is distinguished by his focus on practical and innovative solutions to ongoing challenges in the textile industry. His work encompasses important topics such as social safety, employee turnover, production efficiency, and sustainable practices within the textile sector. Notable publications include studies on the social safety of women workers, the impact of employee turnover on productivity, and the implementation of eco-friendly practices in knit garments washing. His ongoing doctoral research at Cukurova University in Turkey is expected to further contribute to the field, particularly in textile technology management.

Accolades and Recognition

Though specific awards and recognitions were not detailed, Habib’s academic and professional advancements suggest a well-respected status within the academic and industrial textile community. His frequent publications in revered journals and active participation in textile education and research are testaments to his esteemed reputation in textile engineering management.

Impact and Influence

Habib has significantly impacted the textile industry through his focus on improving production efficiencies, promoting sustainable practices, and enhancing the quality of textile education in Bangladesh. His work directly contributes to the economic growth and environmental sustainability of the textile sector. By integrating practical research findings into his teaching and professional practices, he ensures that upcoming textile engineers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue advancing the industry.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking to the future, Ahsan Habib is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the textile industry through his continuous pursuit of knowledge and dedication to teaching. His commitment to research that drives economic and ecological benefits in textile manufacturing is shaping the future of textile engineering education and industry practices. As he progresses in his academic career, his ongoing and future research will likely focus on further innovating and refining production processes and sustainable practices in textile engineering, ensuring his influence will be felt for years to come.


Ahsan Habib | Polymer Recycling | Best Researcher Award

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