Sandra Cunha | Best Researcher Award Winner 2023

Sandra Cunha: Phase Change Materials

Academician/Research Scholar, Auxiliary Researcher,University of Minho.

congratulations to Sandra Cunha for clinching the Best Researcher Award at the International Research Awards on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer! Your groundbreaking work in Phase Change Materials has truly reshaped the landscape of this field. Your dedication and innovative contributions are inspiring and instrumental in advancing our knowledge of fiber-reinforced polymers. A well-deserved recognition for your exceptional achievements!

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Sandra initiated her academic journey in Civil Engineering, delving into the nuances of cement products and later focusing on developing eco-friendly partition walls during her Master's program. Her academic foundation laid the groundwork for her dedication to sustainability in construction materials.

Professional Endeavors

With a PhD in Civil Engineering and a thesis concentrating on mortars with phase change materials, Sandra embarked on a prolific research career. Her work spans over a decade, involving extensive research in construction materials, sustainable practices, energy efficiency in buildings, circular economy, and waste reuse, specifically concentrating on integrating polymers into concrete and mortars.

Contributions and Research Focus

Her impressive portfolio comprises over 100 publications, including a patented invention, showcasing her expertise. Sandra's research, referenced in prestigious databases like ISI Webscience and Scopus, emphasizes the incorporation of innovative materials for enhanced construction methodologies.

Accolades and Recognition

Her scholarly contributions have been acknowledged through an h-index of 13 in both Scopus and Web of Science. Additionally, her roles as an editor, research member in significant projects, invited speaker at seminars, and her extensive involvement in conferences and journals attest to her influence in the academic realm.

Impact and Influence

Sandra's impact lies in reshaping sustainable construction practices. Her supervision of theses and contributions to projects like Sustainable Polymer-Cement Composites has significantly advanced the field, demonstrating her influence in eco-efficient construction materials.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Her legacy is marked by a commitment to eco-materials and sustainable practices. Sandra's ongoing dedication to research and collaborations ensures a lasting impact on future developments in eco-friendly construction methodologies, likely continuing to push the boundaries of sustainability in civil engineering.

Notable Publications:


                   Citations         946       708
                    h-index           16          13
                   i10-index         21          18


International Research Awards on Fiberreinforced Polymer | Award Winner 2023

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