Mr. Anteneh Gashaw | Dilla university | Ethiopia

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

His academic journey with a Bachelor's Degree in Midwifery from Dilla University in June 2016, achieving an impressive CGPA of 3.86/4.00. His commitment to academic excellence continued as he pursued and successfully completed a Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Midwifery from the University of Gondar in August 2022, attaining a CGPA of 3.93/4.00.

Professional Endeavors

Since 2019, Anteneh Gashaw Ketema has been serving as a Midwife and Clinician at Dilla University Referral Hospital. In this role, he has been actively involved in providing essential clinical services in areas such as Antenatal Care (ANC), delivery services, Postnatal Care (PNC), family planning, and Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). His duties encompass a range of responsibilities, including monitoring the health status of pregnant women, conducting laboratory tests, providing counseling, and ensuring the implementation of emergency treatment for pregnant women.

Contributions and Research Focus

Anteneh has a rich experience in managing protocols related to maternal, newborn, and child health nursing interventions. His expertise extends to disease prevention, health promotion programs, and the implementation of programs focusing on Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and Infant and Young Child Feeding practices. Through his role, he has actively contributed to coordinating health posts and community-based interventions.

Accolades and Recognition

His dedication and expertise have likely been acknowledged within the healthcare community. While specific accolades may not be mentioned in the provided information, his continued service in a referral hospital and involvement in various health programs suggest recognition for his valuable contributions.

Impact and Influence

Anteneh's impact is evident in his multifaceted role as a clinician, educator, and coordinator of health programs. His work in providing clinical services, conducting health education, and ensuring the implementation of emergency treatments has likely positively influenced the health outcomes of the community he serves.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Anteneh Gashaw Ketema's legacy is still evolving, with a promising future in the field of midwifery and healthcare. His proficiency in managing and leading programs, coupled with practical experience, positions him to make enduring contributions to maternal and child health. As he continues his career, his commitment to excellence and holistic healthcare is likely to leave a lasting impact on the communities he serves.

Notable Publications:

Anteneh Gashaw | Health mater | Editorial Board Member

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