Prof Dr. Marat Gafurov | Composite Materials Science | Best Researcher Award

Institute of Physics/ Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

Professional Profiles:

🌟 Marat Gafurov: Renowned Physicist and Leader in Condensed Matter Physics 🌟

Early Academic Pursuits🌍 

Marat Gafurov was born on August 23, 1972, in Kazan, Russian Federation. His academic journey in physics began at Kazan State University (KSU), where he earned his diploma with honors in physics and electronics in 1994. He continued his studies at KSU, completing his Ph.D. in Physics in 1997. His doctoral research focused on the magnetic properties of impurity ions and intrinsic magnetic centers in high-temperature compounds, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors in condensed matter physics.

Professional Endeavors🏅

Gafurov’s professional career at Kazan Federal University (KFU), previously Kazan State University (KGU), began in 1999. Over the years, he has held various positions, from Design Technician to Senior and Leading Researcher. His expertise and dedication to the field earned him a position as an Associate Professor and later a Professor in the Department of Medical Physics at KFU. In December 2020, Gafurov became the Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics for scientific activities and was subsequently appointed as the Director in October 2021.

Contributions and Research Focus📚🧪

Gafurov’s research is centered on the development and application of magnetic resonance methods for studying liquids, solids, and biological objects. His work has significantly advanced the understanding of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and double electron-nuclear resonance (ENDOR) in various materials, including liquids and oil-dispersed systems. He has also contributed to the development of equipment for high-field experiments on dynamic nuclear polarization for biological applications, during his postdoctoral fellowship at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Accolades and Recognition🏆

Marat Gafurov’s contributions to science and education have been widely recognized. He has received numerous accolades, including the Badge “For Merit in Education” from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2023. Additionally, he has been awarded multiple diplomas from the rector and administration of KFU for his excellence in scientific and teaching activities, as well as a diploma from the Administration of the Executive Committee of Kazan for his scientific achievements.

Impact and Influence👨‍🏫

Gafurov’s impact extends beyond his research contributions. He has supervised over 40 final qualifying works (bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.) in various fields, including physics, electronics, and medical physics. Currently, he supervises two Ph.D. students, one master’s student, and two bachelor’s students. His role as an expert for the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the Russian Science Foundation (RSF), and other prestigious organizations highlights his influence in the scientific community.

Legacy and Future Contributions🚀

Marat Gafurov’s legacy is defined by his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering academic growth. As the head of multiple interdisciplinary research projects and grants at KFU, he continues to push the boundaries of condensed matter physics and its applications in medical and biological fields. His ongoing projects, such as the development of biocompatible materials for bone tissue diseases and the creation of modern experimental stations for synchrotron and neutron research, underscore his commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Marat Gafurov | Composite Materials Science | Best Researcher Award

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