Introduction: Welcome to the Most Cited Paper Award—a prestigious recognition honoring scholarly contributions that have made a profound impact within academic and research communities. This award celebrates the influence and reach of highly cited papers across various disciplines.

Eligibility: The Most Cited Paper Award is open to researchers, scholars, and authors whose published papers or articles have garnered significant citations and recognition within their respective fields. Eligible submissions should demonstrate high citation counts and substantial influence.

Evaluation Criteria: Submissions will be evaluated based on the number of citations, the impact of the paper on advancing knowledge, its contribution to the field, and the significance of its findings or theories. Evaluation emphasizes the enduring impact and influence of the cited work.

Submission Guidelines: Nominees are required to submit the cited paper or publication, a comprehensive biography highlighting their academic contributions, an abstract summarizing the paper's impact, and any supporting files demonstrating the research's influence. Submissions must align with the award criteria and comply with provided guidelines.

Recognition and Community Impact: Recipients of the Most Cited Paper Award will receive prominent recognition within the academic and research communities. Their highly cited work serves as a cornerstone for further research, shaping the trajectory of their respective fields.

Most Cited Paper Award

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