Dr. Madeena Imam Shah Shaik | Steel Fibers | Best Researcher Award

Advanced Construction Technology Services - Saudi Arabia

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits

Shaik Madeena Imam Shah (S.M. Imam Shah) embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University, India, followed by a Master's in Structural Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India. His passion for research led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Self-Compacting Concrete Filled Steel Tubes (CFST) at VIT, where he made significant contributions to the field of composite materials.

Professional Endeavors

Imam Shah's professional career began with an Assistant Professorship at Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, India, where he honed his skills in guiding undergraduate projects and delivering lectures on various subjects related to Civil Engineering. Subsequently, he transitioned to a research scholar role at VIT, focusing on CFST columns' axial capacity.

In 2023, Imam Shah joined Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) as a Concrete Technologist and Tendering Manager in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here, he played a pivotal role in material and condition assessment projects for various prestigious structures, showcasing his expertise in concrete technology and structural engineering.

Contributions and Research Focus on Steel Fibers

Imam Shah's research primarily revolves around self-compacting concrete and concrete-filled steel tube columns. His Ph.D. work involved proposing equations to determine the axial capacity of CFST sections, contributing significantly to the understanding and application of these materials in structural engineering.

He has authored several research articles published in esteemed journals, focusing on topics such as the impact of diameter to thickness ratios on CFST columns' axial capacity and the influence of parameters on concrete-filled steel tube specimens' strength and behavior.

Accolades and Recognition

Imam Shah's contributions to the field have garnered recognition, including the Education Credential Assessment (ECA) for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, equating his Master's degree to Canadian standards. He also secured an impressive score in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), further validating his expertise in the field.

Impact and Influence

Through his academic pursuits and professional endeavors, Imam Shah has made a significant impact on the field of structural engineering, particularly in the domain of composite materials and concrete technology. His research outputs, coupled with his hands-on experience in material assessment projects, have contributed to advancing construction practices and enhancing the safety and sustainability of built environments.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Imam Shah's legacy lies in his dedication to advancing structural engineering through innovative approaches to concrete mixes and technology. His ambition to redefine construction practices and contribute to safer, more efficient, and sustainable building solutions continues to drive his research and professional pursuits. As he progresses in his career, Imam Shah aims to further his contributions to the field and inspire the next generation of engineers through his work and mentorship.


Madeena Imam Shah Shaik | Steel Fibers | Best Researcher Award

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